Labor Day Weekend Vacation Part 3 | Ilocos Norte

May 18, 2016

ANNDDD the last stop of our trip to the north, Ilocos Norte!

Our first stop is this amazing church in Paoay.  Sadly, I was only able to take a photo of the outside.  At this time of the trip, Avery had fever and so I was just in the car with here while everybody else was doing the tour.

After, we had lunch at Cafe Herencia which was just across the church.  We got to taste their famous Pinakbet Pizza along with other Ilocos native dishes like Insarabasab (my ultimate favorite!) and Poqui-Poqui among others.

Next stop, we went to the Marcos Museum to get an experience of the Malacanang of the North.  For an entrance fee of Php50 we got to see the museum and the very controversial body of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Upon entrance is a TV which basically shows movies and documentaries during the Marcos era.  There were also people offering a "tour" for a minimal amount, but we passed.  Anyway, this was the very table the late president used during his time.  

The actual museum was at the second floor.  I didn't take much photos though.  I was more into reading what was written in the walls. 

Did you know that Marcos and Imelda only knew each other for DAYS before they got married? Talk about love at first sight, eh?

After our quick trip to the Marcos Musuem, we went on to the most awaited part of our trip, to the sand dunes of Ilocos Norte!

This was an extremely fun experience!  EXTREMEly fun that we were not able to take photos during the ride.  Whoever was able to take videos and photos while in a 4x4 ride does not have an extreme and dare devil driver like the one we got.

Swear, intense at buwis buhay si Kuya. -_-

We got the 4x4 ride for a package cost of Php2,500 which includes almost an hour of ride plus sand boarding.  I have a video while sand boarding, but contemplating on uploading it because I was doing such an ugly squeal the whole video hehe!

After :P
We also tried the ATV's for 40mins at Php800 each. We asked Ate for a discount since we also took the 4x4 ride.  It was originally Php1000/ride.

After our sand dunes experience at Culili Pt. we were contemplating whether to head straight to Pagudpud or home.  We decided on the latter since Avery wasn't feeling so well.  There is always a next time anyway. 

The ride home was a gruesome 10-12 hour trip.  I would strongly advise NOT to do this.  Ren was really exhausted when we got home at 8:00am the next day.  Imagine having to spend your sleeping hours on the road.

Anyway, despite the long and tiring travel home this was one sulit and fun trip!

How about you? Have you been anywhere in the North? Share your experiences with me! :)


  1. Come on. This trip is so swoon-worthy! Great sights, amazing company and god food! This makes me want to travel to Ilocos too. | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    1. I've been wanting to go to Ilocos for a long time! This trip was really worth it.

  2. Will put this on my check list! Damn, I didn't know about Marcos and Imelda meeting for few days before their marriage. They were indeed sure of each other. How cute. The rides were a bit pricey ha. Good thing you were able to get discount!


    1. I know! It was just 11 or 12 days if i'm not mistaken. :D A bit pricey nga, ate who handles the bookings said "mahal kasi ang gas" so, we didn't bargain that much na din. :)

  3. We were there last year! But it was raining the entire trip ahah because of Ineng. We almost cancelled out trip too because of the storm. I'm glad we did not for we had so much fun! We did not get to go to the sand dunes though and the museum was closed when we got there we only took pictures outside. Still Ilocos is a beautiful place. Especially Calle crisologo :)

  4. We were there a week ago and the sand dunes experience was really exciting! Really worth the price!


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