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May 20, 2018

Dear Frances Avery,

It's been 3 months since we started with your Occupational Therapy sessions.  Your teacher says that you've been improving and that you've been following instructions well during your sessions.  Though, your teacher noticed that you get a little impatient with some activities and gets distracted easily.  Wonder who you got that from? Hmmm.

You haven't spoken to your teacher yet, just always showing gestures and pointing.  However, I did tell your teacher that you're actually very noisy at home.  Sometimes with clear words like "dede" "Tiyo D" "Nanan" "Mama" "Coco" "Ouch", most times just mumbling gibberish and shouting.  He says that's a good thing. So, we will continue whatever it is that we're doing at home, okay? More bedtime stories and more singing!

It's also been 3 months since we moved out.  We stayed at your Mamita's place for almost 2 months and now we're just settling in at the new house with your Tiyo D, Nanan and Tito Kekel.  You wake up at 7 to 8 AM in the morning everyday, you give me a kiss and go straight to your Nanan's Room.

Out of all the kids that live in our place, you are most often than not, the noisiest.  You shout at the top of your lungs when you play with Sari and you always try to get Punky's attention.

We also got your damaged front teeth pulled out and had flouride varnish! You were so brave at the dentist, my darling princess.  The dental aide at the clinic said that a 6-year-old cried more than you did!  Well, you did always have a high pain tolerance, which always scares me because when you cry of pain, I know that it's actually VERY painful.

You've been extra clingy too, the past few days.  You've been giving me and everyone in the house more hugs and kisses that you usually do.  I'm not sure if you're feeling the tension and problems that have been occurring in the family lately, but know this my darling princess --- YOU ARE OUR SUNSHINE. You literally make us happy... when skies are gray :)

Just leave the problems to Mommy and continue to be that little ray of sunshine to me, to us. I love you, my darling.


This open letter does not wish to accomplish anything.  This is merely a series created by Alex Carpio for and for her peace of mind.
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