Quick Getaway: Upper East Side (Antipolo)

August 01, 2018

And by upper east side, I just mean Upper Antipolo Rizal area. Pa-sosyal lang guys. :)

Anyway, I usually don't post about places I go to because I am so bad in documenting the important things that it's pretty much useless to blog about it, but this place is really a surprise to me and thought it was worth posting on the blog.

So, it was one fine morning with the fam and after 20-30 minutes of just cruising the road without anything but mountains and trees comes this hidden gem of a place in Boso-Boso, Antipolo Rizal. A rustic, homey hotel named after the place where it's built.

Boso-Boso Hotel or Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center located along Marcos Highway (mind you, its a verrryyy looonngg highway) overlooking Boso-Boso valley and facing the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges.

The place has a great view without all the city pollution. It was literally a breath of fresh air.  It's a good (quick) getaway from the city without having to pass thru toll gates and such.

They have a simple breakfast menu (silogs and pastas) which I believe still has room for improvement (and I really hope they do improve it because then it would be a total package!)  I got pancakes and bacon for me and Avery and everybody else got Tocilog, Tapsilog and Adobo. --- No, I don't have a photo of our food because again, going back to my intro, I am so bad at documenting things like this ~_~

After breakfast, Avery still wanted to stay because she was actually enjoying the view (she wasn't afraid of heights! It felt like my heart was on the floor every time she looked over the glass railing) We decided to have coffee and hot coco.  Their coffee and cake selection actually compliment each other.  Plus the interiors of the place, it gives you all that homey feels.

Each table had a different painting!
Little princess enjoyed her mango shake --- it was a large serving and we had to ask for a smaller glass so she could drink it.
I highly recommend this place if you're in it just to get away from city stress, but not quite leaving the city.  This place is perfect for a tita's brunch with a millennial touch given the nice aesthetics of the place which is totally instagramable!

Learn more about the place here. Drop by (remember to bring a jacket!) and let me know what you think!

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