Friday's 10 Happy Things | 15

October 05, 2018

Hello there. Welcome to this weeks' 10 Happy Things.  This is where we count the 10 things that made us happy over the week. Why? Because why not? 

1. Why wouldn't this matchy outfit photo make me happy? Right?

2. And how about this little princess DJing at her own birthday party!

3.  YUP! She's 3 now! Oh how time flies! <3

4. Did a hair color collab with Hey Berty! And will be sharing it soon here on the blog!

5. So. something REALLY bad happened recently.  Given its complications and things that could go wrong with it, by know I should've been out of focus, out of line and out of this world.   But for some really GOOD reason, I am okay. I'm trying to find a solution and despite how painful it is, I am TRYING to survive it.

6. So, Avery got this for her birthday.  AN ACTUAL REAL DRUM SET. Sobraaannnggg cuttte! Thank you the grannies!

7.  Got all good news and updates from Avery's therapist and teachers. So far, she's been doing really good the past few weeks! Her class schedule were trimmed down since she doesn't need it as much. So happy and proud of my princess!

8. Going purple and blue hair for my birthday. I'm excited.

9. This photo :P

10. Celebrating my 1st year anniversary with AdWolf next week! Along with my birthday! Hihi!

How was your week? Share with me the things that made you happy this week in the comments section below! Ciao

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