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October 13, 2019

Stuff about crystal healing.

A skeleton for the last pitch deck I'm doing --- was what I said in August, when I was still working in an advertising agency.  Now -- I accepted a new job back in September --- I'm still doing pretty much the same thing.  Only know I'm doing it for one brand. I wish I could share how excited I am about what I'm writing this, but can't. BUT, I really am and I can't wait to share it with everyone when the time comes. 


My brothers playlist. I don't know the song title, but its poppy and lively and gay. Love it. 

BREWED COFFEE. DARK ROAST. Hah! Finally! One of the few thing I love about going back home with my siblings. --- Yep, I just moved back in yesterday! 


(and praying) that all our friends, loved ones and everybody else in Japan are safe.  I've seen the videos and it's scary. 


I could finish all my pending presentations before Friday because the family leaves for Baler!

Thinking and coming up with plans on how I can finally launch my hair business venture Bighari.  I originally planned to launch it back in August , but things just didn't add up and I lost the time to do it. :(

My favorite GOO band shirt and some rag looking boxer shorts. :P Goodmorning!


The fact that I'm back living with my siblings.  I love it that Avery's close to her titos and tita again.  I'm more at ease now when I leave her for work. Also, I just miss the noise and dog smell of the house. Haha!

A new pair of vans. Veggie Tan Leather Nude. Please.  ---- STILL
And that Hufflepuff Luggage and Hogwarts Duffle bag! --- STILL
And those new Nightmare Before Christmas vans!
 -- and this list will probably just get longer and longer

A new phone (you should see my screen, I don't know if it could survive another fall) and a new comforter!

A little hyped and inspired to do MORE. <3 A little bugged out that I just turned a year older, but happy and thankful nonetheless.

My checklist for the week. Need. To. Get. Stuff. Done. Before. Friday. Alex. Please. Focus.

How's your sunday? Does anybody read this? Haha! Let me know!

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