Koizora (Sky of Love) // 4

December 26, 2014

Koizora (Sky of Love) is a love story between main characters, Hiro & Mika.  A typical teenage/highschool love story where boy meets girl, boy courts girl, girl falls for boy (vice versa) and the whole whirlwind of romance and heartbreaks begin.  Typical? Not really.  The story line might be over used and predictable, however there are aspects of the movie that just showed the reality that there is today with teenagers or maybe even life, in general.

Mika and Hiro met during their freshmen year.  It was actually stalk-ish encounter as Hiro (Haruma Miura) was weirdly the person who found Mika's (Yui Aragaki) phone when it got lost during the last day of the freshmen year.  Hiro did not reveal himself and only spoke to Mika through phone.  They became phone pals over the summer and the actual love story started during their sophomore year.

Despite being opposites, the two became completely head over heels with each other. Their love story experienced one tragedy after another.  And by tragedy, I mean psycho ex's, miscarriage, sickness and families on the verge of breaking up.

What I love about it:

The movie maybe your typical love story.  It's plot is along the lines of A Walk to Remember and The Fault in our Stars, however, Koizora showed teenagers today don't just hug, kiss and hold hands anymore... you know what I mean, right?  I also love the way they showed what unconditional love means and how important it is that you always put the needs of your love one before you.  

My favorite part/character? Hiro's sister cutting the psycho ex's hair.  That was just plain swag. Haha! Sorry for the term. Being an older sister like her, I could just feel how mad she was and how much she was enjoying what she was doing (evil laugh)

Movie quality wise, the cinematography was very good.  This movie was made back in 2008, but the type of lighting and approach used is something widely used today.  It felt like an indie short story we see in vimeo/youtube, only this is an actual full length movie. The soundtrack was just right and perfect for the story.  It was light and it just gave the movie the complete feel.

What I don't like about it:

The pacing was just off for some parts and so is the editing.  If you don't pay close attention to it (specially with the fact that it's in Japanese) you might get lost a bit.  

Everybody in my family cried when they saw the movie, unsurprisingly, I didn't.  It just takes a lot of feels to make me cry, or maybe since I was the last one to watch, I already anticipated the worst. 

Nevertheless, if you are planning to watch this, I strongly suggest that you keep in hand a box of tissue.


  1. this is the dorama version right?

    I watch the movie version and have to admit if not read the manga first this movie could be a lil bit confusing.
    they cut the story quite a lot.

    not really cry when watch the movie but the manga made me cried (>.<).


    1. It was the movie actually. There were some parts that became quite confusing, but I believe you can pretty much stitch the story together during the latter part of the story :D

      Wish I could read the manga! Tried reading a manga once and I just got confused :/


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