Bye 2014, Hello 2015!

December 29, 2014

Now that 2014 is nearing it’s end, a lot of people are cramming to prepare for the new year.  As for (amateur) bloggers, we are now supposed to do the mandatory new year/reflect back/new life post. I was trying hard to come up of a topic and suddenly I found myself typing on Google: Top 10 New Year Questions.

I found these 10 questions from

1. What did you learn about yourself from this past year? I learned that I could do a lot of things on my own.  I was always afraid of moving forward without looking at everyone around me if they approve of it or not.  The past year, I learned that I actually have the courage to do things on my own and for my own sake.

2. Which relationship(s) meant the most to you this past year and why? My family. We were not brought up in brady bunch set up.  We are all used to eating buy ourselves, having our own world in our rooms and finishing the day without the traditional “family dinner, let’s talk about your day” thing.  This year, for some unknown reason, we suddenly made Sunday a get together day.  The past year, we effortlessly developed the habit of doing BBQ Saturdays/Sundays and the like.  We suddenly loved taking pictures together and most of all, we became more open and close with each other.

3. What was one of the biggest challenges you faced this past year and how did you handle it?  The past year was A CHALLENGE for the family.  I don't think a blog post is enough to even share and discuss all of them.  It's been a year since we lost our Mom and it was the same time that problems just came in rolling in, but to sum it all up, biggest challenge was facing the legal battles.

4. What was one of your proudest moments from this past year and why?  I actually have two. One would be the the success of I AM BOLD Apparel over the year and when my annoying sister turned 18. :D

5. What was one of the most meaningful compliments you received this past year? Why was it so meaningful to you? A letter from my aunt, dated August 16, 2014.  It was written on a scented yellow stationary.  It says "First of all, I want you to know how proud I am for all your achievements... By this time marami ka ng nagawa, napatunayan at patuloy na ginagawa para sa kanila (my siblings)  at para sa sarili mo... " 

It was simple and yet it means a lot to me coming from a person who loves me unconditionally and was there for me since time immemorial.
6. What did you do for fun this past year? What was one of your favorite memories? 2014 was kind of the year I got married to my job.  There was nothing really big for me except random fun memories with old friends and my family. 

7. If you could change one thing from this past year, what would you change and why? That day when my old group of friends got together for the first time in years.  It seemed that God just made that day possible... little did we know that we were to lose one after.  Weirdly and sadly, we did not have pictures that night.  It will always remain a memory etched in our hearts.

8. What was the most meaningful thing someone did for you this past year? What was the most meaningful thing you did for someone else? It's weird, but the only people I remember doing something meaningful to is my family :D

9. If you were to brag about one of your accomplishments from this past year, which one would it be and why? There are a lot, but I would say my promotion :D First time I took a job seriously, thus the first time I got promoted. :)

10. Given all your experiences, insights, and lessons learned from 2014, what’s the best advice you could give yourself for 2015? Work hard, learn how to compromise and tone down my megaphone voice a little bit. :P

How about you guys? How did 2014 treat you? 

However it treated you, I hope ya'll come out as a better person for 2015.  After all, there is no use dwelling in the past, right?

Happy New Year Everyone! 



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