August 21, 2015

I almost decided not to post this AGAIN today because today just sucked big time for me... But then, I thought posting this might actually make me feel a little bit better.
So, welcome to another Friday's 10 Happy Things.  This is where I/we post the 10 things that made us smile this week, so we can start the weekend on an even more positive note!

*WARNING: This post is whole lot about our dog, France*

  1. Since I am in a complete bed rest, Ren & I opt to do most things at home now. Imagine how happy we were when we saw a home service pet grooming truck that caters in our area! Thank you to Vet Savers, France was groomed just right outside the house!
  2. After grooming, I guess France got tired from all the wiggling that he fell asleep with his toys! So cute!
  3. France has been a bit more clingy the past few days.  He favors Ren more that's why it was a bit weird that he wants to be around me more often the past few days.  He even sleeps on my sandals!
    I was researching a bit as to why he's too clingy with me... turns out it has something to do with my pregnancy and the baby coming very soon! He also senses when I don't feel well! <3
  4. Too clingy this very cute dog! He's just present everywhere!  When Ren tries to hug me, in seconds he's already by our feet.  Ren was cleaning all his shoes, and he was just watching.  I was just watching videos on youtube and he won't stop stretching beside me or on me. <3
  5. This LIKE A BAWS photo of France. :D
  6. Well, Ren knows how to make being stuck at home all worth it! He went home one night from errands with this! 
    New Balance 574 Picnic Red
  7. Our matching outfits & semi- family picture moment!
  8. Brands For Less is doing good! Hoping we'd have more loyal shoppers in the future. SHAMELESS PLUG ---- please do check out the shop! 
  9. This winner and mouth-watering meal from Fat Daddy's Smokehouse! Well, we couldn't help but go back to Fat Daddy's after tasting their Bacon Smores Dip!
    Mac & Cheese
    Smoked US Pork Ribs
  10. Most of all, I am home and back on regular meds and vitamins.  I'm just glad that my Baby Avery is well taken cared of. Well, we got 2 months to go!
How about you? What made you smile this week?

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  1. What made me smile this week was my niece :)


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