Friday's 10 Happy Things // 6

October 23, 2015

And I am back with this after being absent for 2 or 3 Fridays?

Welcome to Friday's 10 Happy Things! This is where I/we post the 10 things that made us smile this week, so we can start the weekend on an even more positive note!

  1. Avery's smiles.  I just love it that she smiles more than she cries. <3 I just don't get to take pictures of it all the time.
  2. Good sales for Brands For Less this week! If you're anywhere near Marikina, come visit the weekend showroom every Friday - Sunday at Racho 4 East, Lilac St., Concepcion Dos.
  3. The photos for this month's featured Bold One are in & I LOVE THEM! Want to see who she is? Stay tuned at
  4. Avery's newborn essentials are finally complete.  Took some time to complete everything since it's just me, Ren & tight finances.
  5. Washing, cleaning and sterilizing Avery's things is starting to be therapeutic for me! :) I don't know why, but I believe that's a good thing.
  6. I am starting to develop a VERY EARLY body clock. Up by 6:30am and down by 8-9PM, BUT... (WARNING: The next two things on my list is me fangirling!)
  7. I still try to stay awake for On The Wings of Love 
  8. And Pinoy Big Brother to see Tommy :P
  9. I'm finally TRYING to take my blog's facebook page seriously.  So, help me out here by liking & sharing the page. 
  10. Motherhood. <3 <3 <3 
How about you? Mind sharing what made you smile this week?

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