My Playlist // 7

October 19, 2015

The day Avery went home, the whole family came to visit to see her. My brother, Dodge, noticed the lullaby player attached to Avery's play pen and said "Alam mo ba na may lullaby version mga kanta ng Nirvana?"

Naming my daughter after Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean, this got me super duper excited! Hence, this playlist.

Being a 90's kid and growing up in a family where having a band is a way of life, my love for music developed when it started to smell like teen spirit (and a bit of what it was before and after that era) :D

I made a promise to myself to share this love for (this type of) music when I have my own kid and that moment is now... Only... she gets the milder version first!



  1. OMG!!!!! This is seriously cool. I didn't know they had lullaby versions of these songs. I'm a Nirvana fan too! <3

    1. I know! You could just imagine how psyched I was when I found out about it!


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