LandyBridal: Your Dream Wedding Dress

October 17, 2015

Remember when I shared with you guys that I was a frustrated fashion designer? (No? Click here to read!)

See how I would just shade a portion of the wedding dress? I shaded those parts to make it easier for me to distinguish that those were the lacey parts of the dress

I'm not much of a designer and so I couldn't draw lace details like real fashion designers.  It's so intricate and complicated to draw those and in as much as I don't like put dark (and not-so-pro) shades on my sketch, I didn't have a choice because wedding dresses aren't really wedding dresses if they don't have any lace in them... Agree?

Lace wedding dresses are always a classic, but because of it's intricacy it takes time to make them and not to mention expensive! It's a good thing that there is Landybridal!

Landybridal is an online store that has the widest range of wedding dresses.  From wedding dresses with an old touch of style to the newest range of wedding dresses 2016!

Walking down the isle soon? Head to Landybridal and check out their wide array of wedding dresses. Who knows? Your dream wedding dress might just be one click away!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All views and opinions are my own.

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