Friday's 10 Happy Things // 8

December 11, 2015

Hello blogoshpere! After so many missed Friday's, finally here's an update of my Friday's 10 Happy Things! This is where we list down the 10 things that made us smile this week so we can start the weekend on an even happier note!

1. Finished our pitch deck just in time for the scheduled pitch date! This week was such a drag, not just for me, but for our whole team. For some weird reason, it's like we didn't do anything from Monday to Wednesday. But luckily, we managed to finish everything yesterday!

2. Avery's Double Chin is soooo cute! Haha!

3. *Fangirl Mode On* Seeing Tommy Esguerra & James Reid in one photo! Haha! These two makes me want to turn back time! Lakas maka-bagets!

4. This photo that my friend edited. Haha! Probably the smartes and wittiest I've seen! Poor Alden though, daming nanloloko sa standee niya.

5. The new puppy, France's son, whom we named Eiffel!

6. Avery's sleeping habits are improving! Now, she just wakes up once or twice to feed or a nappy change.

7. Longer hours of sleep BECAUSE number 6!

8. Feeling selfie worthy again. Haha! I know this is sobranga babaw, BUT Ihaven't  taken a selfie for the longest time because I feel meh. I'm just happy I took one this week that actually looked decent!

9. Started buying & wrapping some gifts!

10. Watching A Second Chance. Grabe this movie! I could just relate to it in so many levels! It's a must watch.

So, how was your week? Share 'em with me!


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