Romblon | Day 1 & 2

March 29, 2016

It's been a really loooonnnggggg time since my family went on a vacation.  At first, it seemed impossible because we were so scared of subjecting Avery to a long travel, but when her doctor gave her the clearance, we knew this was going to be a great vacation!

It's our first in a very long time and our first with Avery on board!

Avery enjoying her bottle in our bunk
It was a good 2 hours from Manila to Batangas Port and 6-7 hours from the Batangas Port to Odiangan, Romblon.  It was my first time to travel that long by sea, so I was also a little scared and even more scared that Avery was with us.  Also, we were hoping to travel in a cabin, but there were no available cabins when we booked for the trip.  We were booked in the tourist class and it wasn't bad at all.  It was really helpful that 2GO Travel had a great service.  With their well equipped vessel and friendly staff, our travel was safe and sound.

Ren enjoying the view
My cousin, JC also enjoying the view
Upon arrival at Odiongan, we checked in the nearest beach hotel resort to get settled in.  We weren't able to do much since it was already 6:00 PM when we arrived.  We just had a nice dinner, a couple bottles and enjoyed the cool sea breeze. In short, tumambay, uminom at nagpahinga sa tabing dagat. :P

The next day, we woke up pretty early because we were all too excited to see Avery's reaction when she see the beach! 
Digging her feet into the sand
Trying to imitate that scene on Lion King. Hehe!
With the Cool Kids!
After a little salt water experience, breakfast and lunch we were off to our next destination...

The Romblon State of University Fish Farm in Sta. Fe Port! This was another 1-2 hours from Odiongan.  It's a kawayan made fish pen stationed about 1-2 minutes (boat ride) from the Sta. Fe Port.

We got to fish for our dinner!

It was pretty dark after this point so I wasn't able to take pictures anymore. But we did enjoy all the fish and crab we can eat!

Day 3&4 on my next post!

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