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December 04, 2016

If you've been following me on instagram, you'd know that I am cloth diaper user and a fan of unique prints.  Ever since I was pregnant, I have been researching the what nots and slowly creating a stash for Avery.

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When she was about 7 months,  my CD buying and hoarding got out of hand (I literally spend more on cloth diapers, than my own clothes) and so I thought of creating my own diapers.  I though it'd be cool because I'd get to design all of Avery's diapers and I could also sell some under I Am Born Kids Apparel.  After months of research and learning and sourcing out the materials, I finally gave in.  I may have the skills to design and layout them, but I definitely do not have the skill (and time) to sew/make them.  I know I could've just hired someone to make them, but then I think it would lose that "love" and "personal" touch that you get when you order from work at home moms (WAHM)

A few weeks back, I found out about FabrikaMNL. They were the biggest answer to my prayers! FabrikaMNL is custom fabric printing online shop that prints on ready cloth diaper cuts fabric.  So I had a layout printed and I sent it one of my favorite WAHM's, Mommy Mel of Bebe Bottom.

While talking to Mommy Mel about custom printed fabrics and having them sewn etc. nauwi kami to talking about having a collaboration.  I put up my designs and sell them and she sews them!  And now, all my ideas and layouts/designs won't go to waste!

Our collab prints are now uploaded in the Bebe Bottom group.  Here's a peak to the collection:

I will also be uploading some other IAB Kids Apparel exclusive designs and layouts which you can order and  may be shipped to you or a WAHM of your choice. :)

Haayyyy... Have I known about FabrikaMNL and that this set up will actually work, I would've released the prints a long time ago. Hihi! Oh well! It's never too late.

Join the group today or Like I Am Born Kids Apparel on facebook to join the first batch of prints on January!


  1. OMG those Harry Potter prints! I think I know what to get my inaanak. Haha. :)

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  2. The HP prints are so cute <3!! I've been looking for ways to have my prints on apparel too will check out their site. And thanks for sharing this :)

  3. My inner Pottered is just screaming! The prints are so freaking cute! Oh if only I had a kid hahahaha!

    xx BASH   ||   HEY BASH


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