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December 13, 2017

Nawala na naman ako sa internet world lately, guys. Sorry. I've been super stressed out with finances and a bit overworked since you know, BER months is kill yourself month in the advertising world.  Not complaining though --- just making that clear.  Just saying this because I want to share something I do to destress (apart from binge watching K-Dramas ANNNDD Chinese Dramas --- I found a super cute series, I'll share it with you next time)

Anyway, one of the things I do to destress and break away from all the corporate slavery is look at some stuff I love and like in the internet or just anywhere then make them into something I can put in  shirts. I know, it's not that original, but I do this mostly because I'm a shirt kind of girl, but I can't find shirts that I actually like (in the PH, at least) So, what I normally do is make them myself.  I do a bit of tweaking and bring them to the nearest shirt heat press while you wait station.  As we all know, heat pressed prints breaks and chips of in time and a single shirt can't actually go under the silkscreen process, because HELLO isa lang yun, hindi tayo mayaman.  

As I did my research on what other options I can use, I came across this really cool website, Fundr by Custom Thread.  This website became the solution to my shirt printing problem and more!  The likes of it are already famous and widely used abroad, but they're the first one I saw doing it here in the PH. 

I'm not sure how long Fundr has been in the business but they've already worked with local bands like Kwjan, Ransom Collective and Callalily.  Aside from that, they print your designs on 100% cotton shirts and use direct to garment (DTG) printing.  Not only do they make your shirt for you, they also give you an avenue to sell your shirts in their marketplace! Super cool nito guys.  

One day, I was just planning to destress and make myself a couple of shirts and voila! Instant business for me too!  

The website is very east to navigate and gives you a lot of guidelines and options too!  This is super perfect for work at home parents, bloggers, freelance artists, etc.  Fundr removes the hassle of managing an online shop by doing all the production and shipping them out for you.  All you have to do is create your design and upload it to your Fundr page.  

Check out their website to find out more and start your own Fundr Shop! And while in the process of checking out their site and making a decision whether you'd want to try them out, check out my fundr page too --- see that SHOP TICK TOCK ITS LOCKED button on the blog side bar --- Just click and start shopping! 

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