Finished Game of Thrones (S1 - S7) and now I can't wait for Season 8!

April 14, 2019

WARNING: If you haven't watched the series --- THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.


FINALLY joined the bandwagon!

For the past few weeks I have spent all (no mommy duty) hours watching Game of Thrones Season 1 to Season 7.  Since the Season 8 hype (may pa-countdown sila sa facebook guyz), my cousin has been telling me to start watching it so I can make it just in time for the last season which will premiere on April. (UPDATE: TOMORROW!)

I always ask him --- Is it worth my time? and I was answered with "Oo naman, grabe ka nga mag marathon ng K-drama noh?" Fair. HAHA. And so I gave in.

It all started with a 16gb USB with  2 seasons in it --- and the rest were nights and weekends of not leaving the house and sleeping for just 2 hours a day. 

WHY DID I NOT WATCH THIS BEFORE? --- Oh right! I started watching it back in 2015, but stopped because I cringed at Cersei's and Jaime's incest scene. HAHA! But hell, I should've endured it because this show is just.... WOW. You know nothing until you've watched it.  Yiiiieeee, may pa pun intented na akong ganon?

I am no expert critic, so this is more of a reaction / opinion / i just want to say it type of thing, so bear with me. I mean come on, try watching all seasons in all that short time --- it's a rollercoaster.  Old fans had the time (time from one season to another) to let it all sink in and mourn every death of a character --- I didn't!  I mean COME ON, they will kill every character you fall in love with!

I also didn't have the time to chika with other fans and try to make sense of all the deaths --- and MY GULAY, there are A LOT.  I had to absorb and dissect everything all at once.  Sometime I pause scenes and do a little bit of research, just to make sure I understood what was happening correctly.

Watching it and knowing all seven seasons are already there and no waiting, it was like a race!  One episode is not just enough and just like that in (more or less) 3 weeks I finished all 67 episodes!


Game of Thrones | Kahl Drogo & Daenerys

Season 1 was a development of so many characters I had a hard time memorizing or understanding.  All I knew was that there were houses and that each had a certain kind of power over Westeros. The Baratheons and Lannisters on the throne, the Starks in the North and the last 2 Targaryen's exiled in some land in the east. There were A LOT of good character and story development in Westeros, but I was more interested in what was happening Essos. I expected so much from Jason Mamoa's character before watching GOT.  Who wouldn't? He did not disappoint. BUTTTTT WHHHHYYYY KILL HIM? Huhu. 

After finishing Season 1, it took a day for me to process. I really thought Kahl Drogo was going to stay for a long time. But sadly, no. :( 

Reaction # 2: Melisandre you a B*)(#&!$(*#!!!!

Game of Thrones | Melisandre
Can I just say how irritated I was with Melisandre? Love her look, fiery and all, but hate her.  Love her outfits, but hate her. Why the hell would your burn a child alive? THAT was probably the most disturbing death in the whole show.

BUTTTTT, gotta admit, how she tried to redeem herself in Season 7 was pretty neat. BUTTTT then AGAIN, she burned a child ALIVE. So no. Still do not like her.

Reaction # 3: Jon Snow & Ygritte 

Game of Thrones | Jon Snow & Ygritte | Rose Leslie & Kit Harington

I just love how Jon Snow innocently fell in love with her, but I think he was still more of a "gotta honor my oath" type of man.  Also, we all knew she had to die because since Season 1, I (WE ALL) knew Jon was meant to have this thing for Daenerys ---- And of course she had to be killed right in front of him. -_-

Also, love the fact that they ended up together in real life and how Rose Leslie (Ygritte) asked Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) not to read his GOT lines inside the house. How cute is that???

Reaction # 4: Why does all of Daenerys' scenes give me goosebumps? HAHA!

Game of Thrones | Daenerys

From that time she went out in a see through dress to present herself to Kahl Drogo, to being a bad-ass Khaleesi, to several scenes she walked out from the fire unharmed and all those freeing the slaves scene were all too powerful.  After every scene, I would always tell my cousin "Bakit g na g ako lagi after all her scenes" Haha!  All her scenes made a lot of impact not just at the time of it, but to the whole series.  The development of her strong character was something your would always watch out for in every season.  Wonder how powerful she's gonna get in the last season...

Reaction # 5: Iwan Rheon was a revelation!

I've been a fan of Iwan Rheon since he played Simon Bellamy in Misfits.

He was such a revelation in GOT because his role was the total opposite of his character in Misfits.  After finishing all seasons and finally having the chance to discuss the story with other GOT fans, I shared that his character was one of the hardest characters to appreciate since I've always pictured him at the sweet & "I would do anything for love" boy in Misfits. 

Ramsay Bolton was a heartless bastard and man, he played it REALLY well.  Hated his character, but still love him because he'll always be Simon/Barry to me. :P

Reaction # 5: There are so many Harry Potter people in this series and I love it!

Harry Potter Stars in Game of Thrones

People who are close to me know how much I'm in love with Harry Potter.  Seeing the actors of Nymphadora Tonks, Filch and so much more in this series was something I was looking forward to.  It was a breath of fresh air watching them play a different role.


Reaction # 5: I have grown to love the characters I hated in the start!

Ugh. The weird emotions and feels that GOT give you!  All them characters I hated from the start are the very same characters you learn to love as you watch the series.  Character growth and development is definitely one of the things that make this show super great.




Need a recap, check out this video:

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