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August 07, 2019

1/50: That thing that happened in high school that pretty much changed your life forever

For 9 years (kindergarten to first year high school), I've studied in an exclusive all girls catholic school.  And in that 9 years, the only idea I have of what a school look likes or what we do in school is what I have experienced there.

On my second year in high school, just a few days before enrollment period, I found out that the family business wasn't doing as well as it used to and everything is about to go kaput.  I didn't feel the gravity of the situation until it was a choice of who was going to stop schooling, me or my brother.  I didn't know then how much it would affect me, but since I was the older sister, I decided that it had to me. 

The school year went by and it was a mixture of all sorts of feelings.  Feeling a little free that I didn't have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to get ready, a little sad that I had to wait until 4:00PM before I could talk to my friends again.  Feeling a little left out that everyone had soiree's and I had to wait for my 8 year old brother to go home from school while watching Home TV Shopping on a television that only had 3 channels. 

Come next school year, I knew I no longer had the heart to go back to my old school and be with another batch.  I also knew that we no longer had the capacity to pay for such school and so I transferred to a small village in Bulacan (with my Aunt) and on that village was a newly built private school.  I studied there for a year and thought I would be able to adjust, but no.  The place and the school was never and will never be home.  After that school year, I went back to Marikina.

As soon as I got back, I realized that I will never have the chance to go back to my former school . OR ANY OTHER private school .  --- We just couldn't afford it at the time. My Lolo, being the captain of the ship, decided I study in a public school.  Yep, in a public school and it was a reality that a girl from an exclusive catholic school had to take at 15 years old.  

Now, how did that change my life? I'll tell you why.
  1. My first day in that school, students kept looking at me from head to toe.  It was when I learned that right at that moment, I was just like the rest of them and acting all high and mighty won't get me anywhere. --- Not in that school and NOT IN LIFE.
  2. The comfort rooms were BAD,  the fabric of the uniform was kind of itchy, the spacing of chairs in the classroom were non existent,  canteen food was ~_~,  teachers' past time is to sell you stuff you can buy outside for the half the price ----- This my friends is REAL LIFE TRAINING.   You never know what life will throw at you, but you always have to be prepared for the worst.
  3. During my first year there, a student was stabbed by someone from another class. YES. STABBED. INSIDE THE SCHOOL GROUNDS. A SCHOOL that had more than 1,000 students had ONE (1) Guard.  I never found out if the student survived, but one thing I learned for sure, you'll never know when it's your time.  CHERISH EVERY MOMENT YOU HAVE.
How'd my life change? It changed A LOT.  Don't you think?  

I would like to believe that this is exactly what you call --- HARDENED BY TIME. 

Sounds harsh, doesn't it? It was, but it all worked out in the end. In all fairness to that sh*thole public school that has enjoyed putting me into the limelight for being the private school girl that lost all her family money -- It was a fun experience where I was able to see who my real friends were (from the former school) and met new friends who became a part of my life.

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50 Sweet Ideas: Things to Blog About by Fat Mum Slim
One sunny day, I was sick and stuck at home.  I was staring at my blog for sometime and then found myself googling "Blog Ideas" and saw A LOT, but this list from Fat Mum Slim's Blog is my favorite as its the kind of things/memories I'd like to lock in this blog. 

Hence, a promise to my blogging self was made --- finish all 50 for 2019!

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