8 Things You Should Never Be Sorry For

July 21, 2015

In the very few times that I browse through my facebook feed, I rarely find stuff that are worth sharing or even reading.  Thank heavens for this one post that was shared by one of my friends.  Not only is it worth sharing on facebook, it also deserves a post on my blog!

There are a lot of things in life that we feel sorry for.  Most times it's something we did to others or to ourselves. 

Should I do this? Should I do that? Afterwards, when it's been said and done, we go "Should I be sorry for this? that?"

I think this post I saw on facebook pretty much sums up the most common things we shouldn't be sorry for.

*I am sharing this because I couldn't agree more.  You may or may not agree, I mean, we are all entitled to our own opinions, right?*

Do not say yes just because everybody said yes.  Make sure you are saying YES because you were convinced and you believe in it.  If not, don't feel bad for saying No.

Things can be replaced! Remember that.  The PEOPLE we love however are irreplaceable.

You bought a new lens for your camera. OK!
You tried out this new persian food joint in QC. OK!
You bought this new pore minimizing cream from Maybelline because it works wonders for you. OK!
You went on a long overdue trip to Sagada with your highschool friends. OK!

We are taught to be thrifty so we can save up and be ready for the future, but it doesn't mean that we can't reward ourselves from time to time, specially if it's hard earned money you're spending.

You give respect, you get respect. It's a cycle. It's simple.

Growing up, we were taught to be selfless and always be available to lend a hand. Yes, being selfless and helpful is a good thing, but if it's causing you to neglect yourself and your needs, then I think it's wrong --- or it is something we could call right to a fault.  Maybe, it's time to look the mirror and share that selflessness you have to the person you see.

Trusting someone is very tricky.  There are no rules for who to trust and who not to trust.  It all depends on your own perception of a person.  Don't feel sorry if someone you trusted turned out to be someone who shouldn't be.  Just be thankful that you learned a thing or two about what happened.  Maybe next time, you'd know who and who not to trust.

There is no use crying over spilled milk.  Whatever happened in your past made whoever you are today.  Be thankful of the lessons you've learned and not feel sorry for the "what might have beens"

Don't get me wrong, I am not a very sentimental person.  I would always say that money is one of the things that make us happy, but we all know that doesn't happen ALL the time.  Learn to weigh which makes you happier, if it's not money, then find it first and stick with, money will follow.

Source: Astro Ulagam Facebook Page / Hourdose

What do you think? Feel like adding anything to the list? I'd love to hear your comments!


  1. I saw this on Facebook and I definitely related to it. I love this post because it reminded me on how to move on with life. I need to stop being sorry for things I've done because what's done is done, I need to learn from it instead of wasting time worrying ! Great post (:


    1. It is a nice post for reflecting. :) Thank you, RG!


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