Vol. 1 // My Playlist: Smells Like Kurt

May 05, 2015

I started cleaning up my Spotify account a few days back and by cleaning, I mean deleting everything and starting from scratch.  I guess it's another one of the effects of being on leave and not doing anything for days. Anyway, it also gave me the idea to share every playlist I make with everyone!
Current Playlist Vol. 1: Smells Like Kurt

This playlist is mostly inspired by Heavier Than Heaven.

Sharing with everyone my first playlist!  I've never had a music player that had no Nirvana music on it.  I'm a 90's kid and grew up in a family that was heavily influenced by rock music.  Songs that were all famous and big during the grunge era are my music staples.

Since I am near to finishing Heavier Than Heaven (A Kurt Cobain Biography by Charles Cross) and this month is the release of the new Kurt Cobain docu, Montage of Heck, I thought I'd share this playlist!


  1. I'm a HUGE Nirvana fan so I'm loving this playlist! I love Kurt <3



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