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June 22, 2015

Since I've been on a 30-day leave, I had the time to organize and gather old photos from old sites and photodumps.  I also read Helga's 31 Blog Post Ideas and so I thought I'd do #18, my photos throughout the years!

This has been in my drafts for ages! 

Haha! I think it's about time I have this published. :P

2 years old
I think this is the only photo of me in a pink dress.  I was 2 years old and did not have the ability to say no to pink. :)

5 years old
I think I discovered my love for camwhoring when I was 5.  My mom used to be a model and every once in a while she'd had friends over and do a shoot at home because our old house looked like an old spanish fort.  This photo is a product of one of their dull times.

6 years old
At 6 years old, I transferred to Miriam College Child Study Center.  I was originally applying for 1st grade, but I was told that I was too young and had to go through Kinder, again.

If only I had a whole body picture, you'd see how our uniform resembles a scrub suit!

8 years old with the brother and cousins
I was the only girl in the household for 12 years.  These 3 boys were my worst childhood enemies. :P

9 years old
Obviously taken during my 9th birthday.  I guess this is where I started gaining those unwanted baby fats! 
10 years old
By this time, I've been doing ballet for 2 years.  I have no idea why I keep getting fat instead of staying slim like any ballerina. :P

Now, we're going to have to jump a few years forward since I didn't really keep that much late elementary and early high school pictures.  To sum it all up, I looked like a boy. :P I was very tomboy-ish when I was in school. 

18 years old
This is not the most flattering photo, I know, but it's the only thing I found. Where am I in this photo? The third girl from the left who's trying to shout at someone like there is no tomorrow. 
In 2007, I had the longest hair I've had.  It was so straight and dull literally. I had no idea how I should fix it.

Until my bestfriend, Ferrai, convinced me to have it layered. Hence, this hairstyle for a year. I think it was also a fad back then?

I was also in love with black eyeliners back then. Haha!
2007 Dagupan, Tower of Doom Seige Tour
Style Magazine Victory Party, 2008
In 2008, I started having event jobs with my friends.  That's when I also decided to cut my hair very short again.

2008, Gab's Old House
Yes, this short! Why? I think I just watched the Swing Out Sisters concert and I had the urge to copy the vocalist's hairdo. :)

2009, Cubao X
It was in 2009 when I introduce my hair to some color and myself to lots of beer.

Graduated College in 2010. I overstayed for a year. :P 

2011, Red Cup Collective Party 
2011 Yellow Cab, Eastwood
In 2011, I started experimenting with more hair colors.  If you see any picture of me with blonde, red or orange hair, it was all in this year.  I think I bleached my hair twice a month and colored it 8-10 times that year. 

Yes, my hair texture was SOOO BAD.

This was also the year where I had my first serious job (Human Resource - Recruitment), but I quit after a year.  Also the year my Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.

2012 Birthday, Distillery Eastwood
This year was a major turning point in my life.  I couldn't remember why exactly, but looking at this picture reminds me of a few things.

The year I actually took things seriously.  This photo was from Bold Apparel's first shoot ever. 

After Mom passed away in 2012, I left the HR Industry and took a break.  In 2013, I transferred back to my first love, Events & Advertising.

2014, the best year of my advertising career!

May 2015
Well, this is me today.  Short hair again + so much more weight.

I now have a baby dog, France and it's been almost 3 years with my soon to be baby daddy, Ren.
Just making this post makes me realize that A LOT has changed.  We never really notice change while it's happening, but it is happening.

Wish I could've shared more pictures with you guys. Most of my stuff are still packed. Maybe I'll update this when I unpack my boxes and find my albums of yesteryears!


  1. So cute!!! Love all the throwback photos :)


  2. This was a really good post. xx


  3. I too, have old photos of me, but this is a remarkable post of how we change, grow, and mature into the person we are meant to be. Beautiful!

  4. Super cute baby pix!! ^_^ I miss old school photos! Now, everything is so techy! That's why I still keep instax photos incase i wanna stick them in my notebook or planner :)

    1. True! I keep instax photos too!

      Especially with the baby coming. I want the baby to have an actual baby album like I did. Not just an album we upload on Facebook. Hihi. :)


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