Pinterest Favorites: Baby Fashion

June 12, 2015

If you have been following me for a long time, you'd know that I really don't like dressing up myself, but I do love dressing up other people.  You could just imagine how excited I am to shop for my little munchkin!  I have been obsessing about baby/kid's fashion for the past months, or since I got pregnant.

May it be a boy or a girl, I'm sure Ren and I will make sure that s/he is going to have an awesome wardrobe!  While we, or rather I am still waiting for that day, I've been researching on baby fashion! It's not just about looking good of course, I'd also need to know what's comfy for them and not.  What better place to look than Pinterest!

Here are a few favorite boards:

Follow Kassi Eiskant's board baby bot clothes on Pinterest.
Follow Vanessa Nina's board motherhood on Pinterest.
Follow Cali Campa's board Kids Fashion on Pinterest.
Follow Freshly Picked's board Kids Style on Pinterest.

And, I have a board of my own too!

Follow Alex Carpio's board Baby Fashion on Pinterest.

What do you think? Share me some of those awesome baby fashion ideas too!


  1. how cute! If I ever have kids, I need to make sure they are always stylish :)

    1. You're future kids are going to be sooo cute, Samantha!

  2. What a great post sweetie, this is too CUTE! I was going through your older posts and I love your blog!

    Check out my blog, I have something amazing for you! ;)

    Diana Bryant – Blog - Web

  3. How cute, love it :) On my French blog: "you can straighten your hair and eat Strawberries Tagada at the same time" :)


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