Random: Love for Oli Sykes

January 04, 2015

Okay, before I get violent reactions from BMTH fans (I know Oli's engaged now) the only reason for this post is because I've always been visually wowed by this couple and (ex) couple in their Drop Dead Clothing look book photos and basically all their photos together... BUT mostly, I just like the way Oli Sykes carries himself and basically the way he just looks <3

That face and the tattoos <3
I'll let you guys be the judge of how good they look together in photos :D

Oli Sykes // Amanda Hendrick

This is my personal favorite!

And even in random home self photos, they look good!
I also found this BTS video of them:

See what I mean? Too bad they already broke up.  Good thing they gave us pretty visual memories! I know that's weird! HAHA! But I always feel nice when I see photos of beautiful people in love!

... But I would have to admit, Oli Sykes and new girlfriend/fiance, Hanna Snowdon is just as visually appealing with him.

Oli Sykes // Amanda Snowdon

And this photo to top it all off!
The more interesting part about their relationship? SHE does his tattoos!

How cool can these two people get? :D

How about you? Do you have love for any famous couple? Share 'em and spread the love!

Happy New Year! xoxo

PS. Credits to the rightful owners of the photos.


  1. Who is he? Never heard of him but he looks cute :)


    1. He is cute!

      He's the vocalist of a brit band, Bring Me The Horizon and if I'm not mistaken, he or his family is the owner of Drop Dead Clothing :)


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