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January 22, 2015

This post was inspired by an editorial I saw at the Wantering Shopping Site.  Wantering is much like our Zalora and houses lots of different brands and almost all sorts of fashion items.

The editorial was about stepping up your career game this year and making it the #BestYearEver.  It says that along with being career oriented, you should also have a killer wardrobe to go with it.  

I was inspired to do this post because it would help me in one of the steps I need to take to cross off one item in my 2015 Bucket List!

I went through the shopping site and found items which I believe should be a staple in every corporate slave's (MY) closet. 

I've been in the corporate world for 5 years now.  I've seen a lot of business/corporate attire trends come and go, but buttondowns and longsleeves are forever!

Have it in plain colors. It's always very easy to accessorize and pair it with any pants or skirt you have.  Tuck in if you want a more sleek and formal look or tuck it out for a more care free and comfy look.
Ann Taylor Petite Woven Front Button Down
Don't accessorize that much? Then have it in prints! Though printed ones are a bit more tricky when it comes to dressing up in a corporate manner so be careful in choosing them.
Woodland Walk Buttondown
Ralph Lauren Long Sleeves
Sure, you have your go to jeans and would always opt to wear them, but It wouldn't hurt to keep 2 or 3 pairs of trousers in your closet.  When I started working, I didn't have any and wouldn't have any.  However, walking into a floor with everyone in trousers and dress pants and you (alone) in your favorite jeans is not a pleasant experience. I never thought I'd feel under dressed.

 This will become very handy when you start working eight to five.  Remember to have it in neutral colors, specially if you're not really into it.  Neutrals like black, Gray and Khaki will make it easier for you to pair it with anything.
Zara Cullote Trousers
Want to be a bit more stylish? Then go for the Cullotes.  It's a trend today and you could actually cop one in these in bazaars. It's be a good piece to have in handy. If you don't dig the loose bottom that much, then go for cropped trousers.
Zara Cropped Trousers
Still not giving in? Fine. Here's an alternative, Denim Trousers.  Personally, it's hard for me to grab denim trousers that fit perfectly, but if you are gifted with an almost perfect body, then this wouldn't be a problem!
Banana Republic Denim Trousers

When I was younger I hated blazers. Probably because back in the 90's almost all blazers had shoulder paddings and I find them funny, BUT when you start working, this is going to be your bestfriend!

Remember, PLAIN BLAZERS are a must have! Like your trousers, remember to have them in neutral colors. You can play with other colors, but personally, I did't have much use for them (or maybe I'm just too lazy to dress myself up :/)

Plain blazers, I believe could be paired up with just about anything! The key is to finding the right cut and fit for you.  If you have a small frame, make sure your blazer are tailored to show some shape.  If you have a larger frame, make sure they fall just right in the places that might even look bigger when you put it on. 

Tinley Road Brit Blazer
For those who don't like it plain all the time, like me, the heavens above has blessed us with printed blazers! This can be perfect for days where in you feel like wearing a plain shirt. Top it off with a classy printed blazer, and voila! A killer outfit!
Saint Laurent Floral Tapestry Single Breasted Jacket
If you're not into blazers with too much structure, you can always go for the soft ones.  This can make any on-the-go working girl look classy.

Banana Republic Cutaway Soft Blazer

I will always be a fan of tote bags. It's handy, probably available in almost any mall you go to, it has just enough space to fit all your necessities and most of all, --- thank heavens for the evolution of fashion --- it comes in different styles!
MK Hamilton Large Saffiano Leather Tote
If your job requires you to run here and there for client meetings and the like, then you should have a trusty tote bag that can store your laptop/notebook and other presentation documents.  If this was 199X, you'd probably end up bringing a plain old attache case or some promotional document bag.  Be thankful you're in this year and era where tote bags that can house your laptop and documents are stylish and fashionable like this Python Embossed Tote Bag!

Saint Laurent Black Python Embossed Leather Tote

There was this one time where I was  presenting a very crucial pitch in front of clients and I was wearing this layered bracelet set.  After the presentation, my boss called my attention and told me to never wear those things again when presenting because they make this really annoying sound when I do hand gestures. Since then, I kept in mind to keep it simple, yet elegant. 
I personally suggest having a decent watch, statement necklace and formal necklace as staples. 

The watch makes you look like someone who values time.

BaubleBar Phoenix Necklace
J. Crew Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace
The necklaces, well, it would save you from any dull outfit!


Working in the advertising industry has taught me to keep 4 types of shoes in handy.

1. PUMPS - For days when you need to introduce yourself to clients. Pumps can make you look classy and you mean business at the same time.
2. WEDGE HEELS - When you still want to look I mean serious business, but couldn't last the day in killer pointed heels, your wedge heeled shoes will save you.
H&M Wedge Heels
3. FLATS - They're comfy! Need I say more?
Tory Burch Reva Ballet
4. WORK BOOTS - Working in the advertising industry means there would be times when you need to do events with heavy set up and believe me, no heels or ballet flats will ever be comfortable. Why not wear sneakers, you ask? Most of the time I do the  event set-up supervision while entertaining a client.  Wearing sneakers and looking like I just came from a 5 mile run after a few hours isn't exactly a look you'd want them to see. Hence, work boots! And you can never go wrong with Doc Martens!
Dr. Martens Pascal Boot

I believe having the basics is one of the keys in having a killer outfit.  It's easier to style and play with! 

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Share them with me!

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  1. Love the blazer! A must-have in ANY wardrobe <3


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