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February 05, 2016

It is indeed the start of the year. It is such a toxic season at work. 

Since January, I haven't actually had the time to update this blog. The past few weeks have been filled with brainstorming, meetings, decks and stress.  In fact, I am nursing a stress related migraine as I am writing this.  But then, I think that's exactly the reason why I should do this series again.

Here we go with my first entry for Friday's 10 Happy Things this year! This is where we list down the 10 things that made us smile this week so we can start the weekend on an even happier note!

  1. Work.  Yes work! I know I kind of ranted about work at the start of this entry, but hey, this is the kind of stress I actually like. No matter how toxic and stressful it gets, I love my job.
  2. I received an email from NuffnangPH saying I can already claim the prizes I won from their Belkin Wishlist blog contest!
  3. My brother and cousins finally transferred to a new (and better) house.  They can finally set up their own music studio again (and I get to spend days there just listening to them!)
  4. This photo of Avery mimicking Ang TV's "nyeh" pose! So cute!
  5. I finally got Avery smiling in a photo WITH ME!
  6. A birthday family dinner in some Thai restaurant in Marikina for my brother's 18th Birthday
  7. This little girl turning 4 months!
  8. The long overdue dinner with my girls! The last time we were this complete was Christmas of 2014.  Finally, we had the time and did this!
  9. This photo that pretty much sums up what my life is now. Haha! On point!
  10. This new venture my family is planning. Crossing my fingers that it really happens.  We're actually having the initial meeting tonight! Wish us luck!
How was your week? :)

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  1. What a really bright and cheerful post this is! Also I feel like saying CONGRATS for all of these "happy things". :)

  2. that's a really cool set of happy things c:


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