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February 24, 2016

You know those countless times you spend on Pinterest or Etsy looking at pretty things, but is never available to buy here in the Philippines?  Don't you just hate that feeling?

I hated those moments, more so when I was pregnant because there were A LOT of really cute baby stuff that are not available here in our country.  Won't you just love it if there was actually a way we can buy them without the hassle of dealing with taxes, customs, etc.?

Well, there is now! Almost all the items I want and are not available here in the Philippines, I found it on Galleon.PH!  Check out my Top 3 items!

  1. Withings Smart Baby Monitor (White). I want this so bad! Being a parent, I don't think I'll ever be able to get over my separation anxiety when I'm away from baby girl.  This is probably the next best thing to being beside her.
  2. Ju-Ju-Be Nautical Legacy Collection B.F.F Convertible Diaper Bag, The Commodore. If you saw my Baby Shower & Avery's Christening posts, you'd know by now that I am a sucker for anything Nautical!  This bag would just fit right in!
  3. ANGVNS Women's Faux Leather Power Shoulder Coat Jacket for Plus size.  A few days ago, I tweeted this:
            Well, a jacket that would fit my current body is the next best thing. :D

These are JUST 3 from the long list of items I'd like to purchase from Galleon.PH! I highly recommend vsiting their site now because you don't only get to see items that are not here in the PH, you also get so much more with these features:

  • Prices are all-inclusive and they take care of shipping, customs and taxes.
  • Ships nationwide and delivers via air (6-12 business days) and sea (35-40 business days).
  • Has efficient customer care. With that, buying and shipping of items not on their website can be requested.
  • Has multiple payment modes.
  • Has a “ship my item” feature where in Galleon.ph act as a PO box service but you don’t get charged shipping fee by the box but on the item itself. www.galleon.ph/shipmyitem
And as a treat, Galleon.PH and Tick... Tock... It's Locked is offering a 10% Coupon to all my readers Until March 1! How cool is that? 


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  1. I really like that jacket! seems like a useful app!


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